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Welcome to the world of life-giving health care where our goal is to participate in creating the most optimal state of well-being available to you!


In the first visit we take the time to discuss all your conditions and concerns, and we look at the current state of your health through the lens of Chinese Medicine. We start envision what is possible and set our focus there. Several different diagnostic tools are used to determine a course of action AND – best of all – we begin (with a first treatment), one step at a time, to change the way you feel, function and live in your body. The treatment occurs in a private treatment room.

Please allow for 90 minutes for this first appointment.


When you schedule a follow-up appointment there is time set aside to discuss your treatment plan. We sort through what is working and not working, not only with the acupuncture but also sorting through potential obstacles that might be delaying or preventing your progress. We may unearth beliefs that are no longer valuable or supportive of your goals. We may discover that new ‘assignments’ are in order, or we may sort through ways to be with the stress in your life that minimize its effect. The conversation may entail encouragement to pay attention in a relaxed way to what is actually going on. As a patient has said, “I have been dealing with this for years and NO ONE AS EVER ASKED ME THE QUESTIONS YOU HAVE!”

Allow 60 minutes for this appointment, which includes your treatment.

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